Text Box: List of Physical Micronations 
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Text Box: Foreign Ministry
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We are most pleased to have established Diplomatic Relations and grant Most Favored Nation Status with the following Micronations:


Text Box: The Kingdom of Ruritania is proud to recognize Dave O’Neil, From Australia as our first Cybercitizen.
Text Box: The Kingdom has established informal relations with the following nations.  All rulers are regarded as friends of Ruritania.

Text Box: The Kingdom of Ruritania still considers the country of 
as an Enemy of the State and the Crown.

The Following Micronations are not recognized by the Kingdom:
The Aerican Empire
The Kingdom of Talossa
Text Box: The Kingdom of Ruritania is on the                                                                 on
Text Box: The Kingdom of Ruritania, as a courtesy, informally recognizes all Micronations.  However if a Micronation desires to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Ruritania, please contact the Office of the Foreign Ministry.  Please be aware that our requirements for formal recognition have changed.  The criteria are listed below:
The Micronation requesting recognition must have been in existence for at least six months.
The Micronation requesting recognition must have either a website (preferably)  or a FaceBook page on which its pertinent information is listed (i.e., form of government, head of state, email address, general location, territorial claims, if any, etc.)
Ruritania WILL NOT form alliances or treat with any Micronation which claims territory in Antarctica, at the bottom of the sea, or off the planet Earth.  The only exceptions will be those Micronations with whom we have treaties signed before September 1st, 2012.
Ruritania WILL NOT form alliances or treat with any Micronation claiming ALL of an inhabited territory not specifically owned by that Micronation (i.e., Greenland, the city of St. Louis, the State of Texas, etc.).
Any and all alliances and treaties are subject to approval by the Crown of Ruritania.

If the requesting Micronation meets these criteria, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will contact them and send a Treaty of Friendship and Recognition, signed by the reigning Monarch of Ruritania for the approval of that Micronation.  Upon signing this treaty, the requesting Micronation will be declared a Friend and Ally of the Kingdom of Ruritania and receive Most Favored Nation status.  Ruritania will then add their name to the list of Allies  on  our website with a link to their website.  Should the requesting Micronation reject the treaty for any reason, negotiations will cease.  Should an accepted Micronation ally embarrass or insult Ruritania or change its form of government, it will come under review and recognition may be rescinded.

If you should desire, we also have a Mutual Recognition Treaty to send by “Snail Mail”.